Many Side of Patterns.. Finally


Welcome to the Finally!!! This is the last in the series of types of crochet patterns. I will be going over pro’s and con’s of video patterns, what types are available and some helpful hints.

In the ever growing era of electronics of course there is going to be patterns, tutorials, etc on crochet in the wild world of the web. Not that I’m against it. I’m just alittle disappointed that society has became dependent on “electronic” and the ‘Web”. *This is where I age my self hahaha*… I was brought up and lived most of my important years as a child without all this stuff. When we wanted to learn something we were hands on, no clue what we were doing, failed miserable til we got it. Outside was our hobby and adventure zone. No Gaming systems, no cellphones, no internet capable watches… heck we were lucky to own a watch haha. I thought I was the Bomb when CD players came out when I was 18.. I had one put in my truck 😉 Anyways What I’m getting at is .. yes, electronics can be great. You can see things you would have never seen, talk and video chat with people half way around the world, etc. Just Don’t let it consume you. Use your brain and your skills to the fullest and learn to read a pattern. Try to figure it out on your own. Challenge yourself and your creativity.

Video’s can be found in basically 3 areas on the internet. Personal blogs, Official websites and of course Youtube… First up Personal blogs.

Most blog site allow you to embed videos on your site. It is solely up to the blog owner on what type to use. There are numerous video players you can embed onto your site. Examples…Flash Video Player, WP Media Player, Flowplayer, etc. The most popular though is Youtube. The reason being is .. not only is it easy to use, it also allows that Blogger to earn money.

Business Websites .. Like Lion Brand, Red Heart Yarn, Yarnspirations, Craftsy, etc also have video help, patterns, etc on their sites and rarely do you see them use anything but Youtube. which brings us to …

Youtube… The biggest and most used company for video. The minute you hear someone say they were watching a Video you immediately think Youtube. There is literally thousands of Crochet video tutorials on youtube. It’s platform is the easiest to use for even the most novice internet user. Simplicity, ease of use and the many options makes it the number one go to video player.

Crochet Bloggers and designers are abundant on Youtube. You can find stitch tutorials, How to learn crochet, Pattern reading help, all the way up to advanced patterns. Usually I’d plug my favorite designers at this point, but today I’m skipping this. Their is SOOOOOO many talented crochet designers out there I do not want to by pass them.

Pro’s … Youtube is easy to navigate, simple to use. It has many options to save videos or “watch later”, etc. There is even a Download to watch offline option. Which I have not seen for other players… but there’s probably a app for that haha. You have a account so it is easy to save, subscribe, etc. For designers that have a decent following, they can also make money with their videos.

Con’s.. Youtube requires Internet. Even though you can Download to watch offline you need to lug around your laptop, pad, etc. Not to mention your going to need to stay close to a charging source for your device. Downloaded Videos are only good to watch for 48hrs before you need to sync with the internet to refresh it.

Video tutorials are a great reference. I use them If I’m not sure or need to refresh my memory as its been too long since I used a stitch. Sometimes I need that visual. Watching or attempting a lengthy tutorial can become tedious as some videos require you to stop, rewind, play and so on. My tip.. If you are using Video to Learn to crochet, not follow a full pattern tutorial, Watch the Video all the way threw. Turn it off and attempt to do it on your own. If your having issues, replay it and try again. The best way to learn and keep what you learn in your mind is to use your mind. 🙂

No matter how you learn.. written, chart and/ or video there is soo many options. Dont get stuck in a rut. Try them all. Don’t let yourself become obsessed either. Make sure to go outside, spend time with the family, Take a trip (without yarn.) And ALLWAYS remember why you wanted to learn, how it makes you feel to accomplish something new. Don’t get caught up in What so and so made that wow’d people. Make your own design that wow’s :). Stay true to You.


Instructions on how to OFFline Youtube Video’sGadgets 360Techradar   There are many other sources also.


Video Players for Blog sites…





















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