The Many Sides Of 1


*Photo above courtesy of Crochet World Magazine spring 2017


This will be a mini series of posts on types of patterns. The in’s & out’s of the types, how to read and/or understand them and possibly a video demonstration.I will also be posting links to some of my favorite Crochet Bloggers that design patterns. My hope is to break down and simplify the “scary” aspects of patterns.

Back when I was first taught to crochet by my grandmother, the books she had laying around didn’t consist of written patterns. They were charts/ diagrams of crochet designs. I was familiar with these and as a child I was still intimidated by them.Could very well be the reason I did not continue on my adventure with crochet for several years. When I decided to pick up the crochet hook once more, written patterns were the new thing, Even though they were basically a step by step process, they were still intimidating as there was pages full of written abbreviated words.Not to mention the big bold red lettering at the beginning of the pattern that stated Beginner, Intermediate, ADVANCED. Within the last few years as technology has grown you can now watch a video of a pattern. I have even seen Crochet bloggers add step by step photos along with their patterns on their site.

To better determine what the best route is for you to accomplish a pattern is to first determine how YOU learn best. Are you a Visual , a Spoken word, a Reader or a Mix.Once you know what is the best way for you, then you can easily find the help you need. I am primarily a reader but if I am having doubts I usually resort to a visual to confirm I’m on the right track. I usually do not have the patience to sit threw a video or a step by step, however it’s good to have those handy for quick referencing.

After you have your learning preference the next step would be to familiarize yourself with crochet abbreviations and stitch charts. Below are a couple links that I have used….


Moogly    Tamara Kelly’s chart has links next to some abbreviations that you can click on, which directs you to a Visual demonstration of how to do that stitch if needed. Awsum little chart.

Red Heart Yarn     Red hearts chart is a little simpler, easy to print but also has links to how to’s of  stitches.


Yarn Craft Council   A simple, easy print chart of crochet stitch symbols


There are many more sites online that have charts and directions but I will get to those later when I go deeper into the individual types of patterns.

Now you have the foundation to succeed. You should know your learning style. You have and are familiarizing yourself with crochet abbreviations and you also have a chart to reference what crochet symbols look like. PLEASE feel free to comment if there is any questions or if there is something particular that you would like me to cover in this mini series 🙂


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