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Organization Is A Must


So your probably wondering what the heck?!?!? right?? But seriously Organization is no joke when it comes to crafting, blogging, having a online store, etc. If your thinking… Well I have everything under control.. Well, so did I.

I was thinking to myself.. I have older kids, my youngest just turned 17. I stay at home, don’t have to many must do’s in my day to day life. I will just go with the flow and everything will work out great…. NOT!!

Everything was going along .. as far as I knew, just fine. Then it finally hit me this last week. I’m outta control and it was driving me insane. I had wip’s everywhere, Ideas written down and left to wither and die lol. House work was falling behind, My Big plans and Ideas kept being pushed to the back burner. I just didnt seem to have the time in the day that I thought I did.

Just because my kids are older doesn’t mean they don’t make as much as a mess as a 2yr old, especially my son. I also have my fur babies, feathered baby and my son’s beardie. I live in a zoo 😦 hahaha  Don’t get me wrong, my kids do help abit but I was raised by the spotless house cleaning Queen. The white glove test was a actual thing growing up. Anyways… staying on track… This was a serious realization.

I follow many Bloggers, most of which are crocheters. I have seen post to build your blog, how to boost your blog, patterns, how to write patterns, etc but I have not seen any going into the importance of getting organized, setting realistic goals and sticking to a weekly plan.

When I had my little OCD meltdown I decided that it was time to get serious. If I really wanted to continue doing my passion I HAD to get serious. I had to have a plan of attack, a schedule, a routine.

First off to get organized… I’m not saying to go out an spend a fortune on Storage for Materials, Fancy Planners, Calenders and all that jazz. I went out and found at the local Wallyworld a simple planner and a little notebook.

This planner cost maybe 5 to 6 bux. It has a calender for each month then a daily “notes” section for the month. A huge blank notes area in back and a Holiday’s page. Simple but yet has what is needed. I can quickly look at the monthly calender to see what i have planned or go to the daily note section and see a detailed list of what accomplishments I need to do for the day. Now, Before you go and start filling out everything in the planner…. I sat down with a notebook and did the following first.

First, Write Down The Following…

Daily Must Do……. Laundry, take kids to school, dinner, dishes,etc

Daily Wants Too… Spend 3hrs working on my crafts, Spend 1-2 hrs on blogging, etc

Then Average how much time you will actually Spend doing the Must Do’s . What time you have left you can divvy out to your Craft, Blog, Etc

If you work out how much time you have a free time first then it will be easier to come up with a schedule that will actually work. Then you can go back to the planner and Jot down what you have worked out.

Working out your daily schedule may sound tedious but in the long run it will save you anguish. Who doesn’t want a stress free life. Having a daily “plan of attack” alleviates that OMG I haven’t done Blah Blah yet, how and when am I gonna get that done.!! You will feel accomplished and proud of yourself along with the added boost of I got my Crap together 🙂 haha

I now get up in the morning, MAKE COFFEE ( a must) and sit down and go threw the planner for the day. I know what to expect, what needs to get done and it’s the best relaxed feeling ever.





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