Aromatherapy/ Healing Stone Pouches














It was brought to my attention recently that I had over looked a use for these pouches.

Tester next to 2dram

Tester Bottle Are Perfect. Anything larger than a 1 dram aka 3.6ml will not. If I receive enough feedback on wanting larger pouches to accommodate the bigger bottles I will work on making some larger pouches 🙂







I’m currently working on necklaces. These little guys have been a vision for a few months now. The last couple weeks I have worked out how I wanted them to look. I wanted to keep them simple yet still be attractive and do what they are intended.

The Best thing about these little guys is it brings together my 3 most favorite things… Essential Oils, Healing Stones & Crochet 🙂  I wanted to give people more options with these necklaces. You could use it as a …..


Aromatherapy Diffuser, Just place a small piece of cotton ball, wool ball, etc with a few drops of your needed Essential Oil and your all set. Having it inside the pouch allows you to have the aroma you wish without getting it on your clothing or having to dilute ( depending on the oil used) it to place on your skin. The pattern I chose to do allows the aroma to freely escape the pouch.

Healing Stones, As these are small pouches they are great for smaller stones, bits of a favorite stone that chipped or broke, etc. You can add many or just one. Place the stone needed for that day in the pouch and your set.

You don’t have to use just Aromatherapy or Healing stone with these pouches… Have a favorite ring you cant wear anymore, place it inside. Any little trinket that is dear and near to your heart can probably fit in this pouch. Possibility’s can be endless 🙂

I made these with cotton crochet thread #5, #10, I used Bernat Handicrafter and Red Heart. I will  also be trying my macrame string which is made from Hemp. Each Pouch has a Healing Stone and/ or charm. Charms used are Sterling Silver or Bronze/ Copper. Finally I used wood beads to tie together the necklace strings.

I have been very busy this past week taking care of family who had medical issues taken care of. I was hoping to get the pouches in my etsy store this weekend but …. It may be put on the back burner til next week. Family first 🙂 Below are a few closer pictures of the pouches. More colors to come along with different options for the chain part of necklaces.

Til Next Week… Take Care..


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