New Stitch Trials & Tribulations

I have forever been a lover of crochet cables. I would sit in aww watching my grandmother as a child. She made it look so easy as she was insanely fast and moved effortlessly threw the rows. I attempted around 10yrs ago to do cable stitches and failed miserably. I had it set in my mind I just wasn’t the type of person that was able to do them. I moved on and proceeded to do the simplest stitches there was in crochet. I let my mind defeat me.
I went through a lot of growth since then. Focused on me, what I wanted to accomplish in life. I learned to turn off that doubt button in my head. I learned to let go of self degradation. As I went through these changes I started to challenge myself in everything I did. I didn’t make huge or unreasonable challenges either. More like baby steps. The more I did with all my crafts the more confident I became and it was a major boost for my self esteem.


About a month ago, while a Barnes & Noble, I caught a book out of the corner of my eye… it called out to me I guess. I reached for the book… Celtic Cable Crochet by Bonnie Barker. Such beautiful, warm, snuggly patterns were inside. My first thought was I Have to have this!! then that little evil negative thought in my head tried to emerge. It tried to tell me, Don’t even think about it. You will fail. I snapped that thought back into its dark little place it resides and told myself .. No, You can do this!!! and the book came home with me.
Around X-mas I picked up the book and went in search of what I thought the simplest pattern to do would be. Now I’m not going to lie.. for the first 2 or 3 rows it looks horrid but as you progress it starts taking shape.
I never thought I was going to get past row 2 haha. It’s a little awkward and takes a bit to get your rhythm down. I got about 1/3 of the way into the wrap when i noticed the cables were looking off or what I say.. Wonky. I had to frog the whole thing and restart as I wasn’t sure what I had done. I had followed exactly what the pattern said. I knew before I started again I needed to figure out what step I was not reading right or understanding. I proceeded to find a video on type of cable I was doing. It was a huge help actual seeing the steps. I still had a opps or 2 as I was going but that was because of distractions. Three weeks later I finished the wrap 🙂
Moral of my story… Don’t Give Up!!  Take your time when learning a new stitch. Have patience with yourself. It’s ok if you messed up, that’s the process of learning 🙂 If you are having issues with a stitch, look for video help. There are tons available now a days. And most important Be proud of the fact you tried, even if you don’t finish the project.
Now I’m going to reward myself with trip to the coffee shop 🙂

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