All About Wonky da Sharky

Wonky da Shark

This has to be one of the quickest and cutest little big guys I have ever made. Not to mention how fun it was to make. I actually, despite my desire to “mess” and “tweak”, followed this pattern to a almost 95%. I did a few things differently and I may do another one and make a few more changes.
Firstly, I did not use Bernat Blanket yarn as recommended. I had bought about a week ago a couple
bags of mill ends, which were balls of  Velour type yarn. I had this pattern for awhile but it just kept sitting on the back burner. Then when I was like … hmmm what am I going to use this Velour for… Ding Ding the lights went on and so I now had yarn for the pattern 🙂



The Velour yarn is a thinner yarn, It looks big and fluffy like Bernat but when you do the squeeze test the Velour almost flattens in-between your finger, Its as soft as Bernat though, which made Wonky da Sharky  squishable to death.  Seeing as my yarn choice was  not as thick as the recommended  I also cut my crochet hook size down a whole size. Pattern calls for a 8mm… I used a 7mm. Now as Most of you would know that makes Wonky smaller than the original But he still is Big and defiantly huggable.
Even for a novice crocheter this pattern would be easy to follow. The Pattern gives you different options on how to proceed and work your shark. A more advanced Crocheter or Amigurumi maker may and probably would
use the traditional “circle” method… Which I will be trying with the next one I make. I’ll let ya know how that works out 😉
One of the most important things to remember when doing a pattern like this is to keep your stitches tight.. The tighter the better. Wonky and the other creatures like this require alot of stuffing.. because.. 1. you need to round him out and 2. with all the hugging and squishing they will probably endure, sooner or later that stuffing is going to compact and he will lose his shape. If you don’t do tight enough stitches the Stuffing will start to poke through or you will see the stuffing threw the stitches.  I’m typically a tight stitcher  naturally. It was the way I was taught so this was not a problem for me. If you are not used to crocheting tightly you make want to take more frequent breaks to relax your hands.
The last thing I did differently was I wa
ited a few round more before I started stuffing him. I continued til there was just a hole left big enough for my hand to fit threw. I find it harder to keep the stitches tight enough after you have stuffed it. Make sure you stuff him well, move your hands around inside pushing and fluffing the stuffing til you get his body well rounded out then continue to stuff til the stuffing is almost over flowing out of the remaining hole. Do a few more round, add more stuffing  and then close him off.
There is even a Narwhal and Octopuses. The Narwhal is part of the Shark pattern and There is a separate pattern for the Octopuses. PLEASE.. Even though the Author of the pattern has Stated that you can make and sell her items.. GIVE Credit where Credit is Due… Always, I can’t stress enough, Always give links back to the original Author of Patterns you use. AND DON’T claim the patterns are yours, reproduce them, etc. These Author spent hour of their time making and creating for other to enjoy. Please Re
spect 🙂 Thank You… Now The Juicy Details …..lefthanded

Pattern Designer is Left-Handed Crocheter She has a main website and a Facebook Page…
She has lots of free patterns that are adorable!!!

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